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Sergey Bezrukov-new year's eve winner of the project " gallery of Glory"

  • 26.12.2019
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On December 24, on the eve of the New Year, a significant event took place. For a long time there was an intrigue about who would become the next winner of the people's project "gallery of Glory". Our mail received more than three dozen letters of letters with versions, who is, who is next?We thank all those who are not indifferent, and we are very pleased that the people's project that is gaining strength is causing such a reaction from society. This once again confirms that we have chosen the right path.Recall who does not yet know what the "gallery of Glory". "Slava gallery", which saw the light with the participation of the famous actor, screenwriter and Director Ivan Ivanovich Okhlobystin, absorbed without exaggeration the people's love and recognition.This is a project whose main goal is to celebrate the achievements of people, based solely on public opinion and independent statistics.Back to the long-awaited candidate? Who was he?A man who can equally perfectly play the cult role of the leader of the criminal community and the soul of Russian village poetry-Yesenin, Yeshua GA-Nozri and the goalkeeper of the Soviet football team, Boris Godunov and Vladimir Vysotsky. Yes, without a doubt, this is a master of reincarnation, a famous theater and film actor, people's artist of Russia - Sergey Bezrukov.It is symbolic that Sergey became a nominee Of the gallery of Fame on New year's eve. When, if not at such a time, should pleasant events occur? It is worth noting that the day before the award of the statuette of the Goddess of Glory, namely on December 23, Sergey received the award " wings of a stork” for his contribution to the development of the family structure of orphans.Therefore, it was doubly pleasant to once again celebrate the merits of the beloved artist before the people. Moreover, the updated gold-plated case of the watch is the color of the midday Sun And the signature of Sergei Bezrukov with diverging rays creates a sense of reliability, peace and goodness. What about the surprise and fabulous new year's eve story? Let's just say that they were. For this, we also Express our great gratitude to Sergey Vitalievich. He said that, it turns out, the first watch was a watch brand Slava, which now remembers with special warmth.“I remember my mother gave me the first square watch with a brown strap when I was a child. They had “Glory " written on them. I was proud and happy at that moment, as never before” " the actor recalled. Childhood moments are priceless. They take us from the harsh reality to the bright world of first impressions, feelings and first victories. And now, in adult life, a person gives part of the positive energy in the form of deeds, actions, relationships. Glory decades later again found its hero. It couldn't be otherwise. Sergey Bezrukov is hardly a collector, but he was inspired by the best examples of Russian watchmaking, a small tour of which was conducted with his usual enthusiasm by Ivan Okhlobystin and the General Director of the watch company Slava Pavel Grankin. Note that Ivan Ivanovich himself is a big fan of high-quality watches, even compared himself to Shiva. “If I had eight hands, I'd wear eight hours, " he joked.