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Pocket watch

A Pocket watch, considered to be the privilege of a true gentleman. They laid part of the era when in the pocket of every self-respecting men, they were simply necessary. Pocket watches were attribute importance, focus on the result and discipline the person who is always punctual and does not want to waste any second in vain. To such watches were regarded with special awe.
Often cover such hours were decorated with complex patterns, inside the watch was kept the photo of your sweetheart or children. This accessory will be perfect for the lover of things of old times or a connoisseur of Antiques.

Molnija (Lightning) Molnija (Lightning) 2 650 0030104
12 465 P
  • Russia,
  • mechanical,
  • Steel
12 465 P
  • Russia
12 000 P
  • Russia



For the first time, such a watch appeared in the 17th century, when it was invented a small clock mechanism that gave the opportunity to fit in a pocket for everyday wear. It is noteworthy that even after the invention of the wristwatch, the popularity of pocket was gone immediately, because many people thought and still think to this day uncomfortable daily wearing of the device for measuring time on your wrist, preferring time pocket.