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Wall clock with pendulum

Sinix Sinix  7037A
5 600 P
  • Korea,
  • quartz

A classic in watchmaking. The pendulum, which is often used as an allegory in works of art again and again does not let your time and ready to move forever. The age of these watches, it would seem, has passed, and they were replaced by modern and more sophisticated devices to count time, however, the eternal classic. That is why a pendulum clock will never go out of fashion people have more than a few centuries. The perfect solution for a gift that complement their interior and simply desire to please your eyes with the new, which was held for many years and has not changed. These watches are of different types: floor, wall, table. You will be able to find everything you need from the provided us with a variety of models. Just do not forget that You are always ready to work with our consultants who know their business and are professionals.