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Petroff jewelery watches

PETROFF trade mark is a jewelry watch brand, it's an elite Russian watch that combines Russian traditions of watch art with the highest quality materials and mechanisms. This trade mark is in the luxury segment and it is produced for successful businessmen. PETROFF watches have taken a respectable niche in the line of Russian watch brands. “Slava” trade center is the exclusive PETROFF watch distributor in the Russian market. 




Petroff Petroff  P054-65/G15-23.55
86 255 P
  • Russia,
  • Steel,
  • mechanical

Petroff golden watch is a self-sufficient indicator of your status and style. This watch will say everything about its owner that people around you need to know about you. This watch has a rare combination of substantiality and elegance, harmony and simplicity, luxury and flawless taste. Petroff watch is a piece of artwork