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Gallery of Fame - what is this project?

  • 18.12.2019
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In Russia from time immemorial lived talents and geniuses. Even when there were not so many mass media, such people were known at Home and even abroad.Take, for example, the actors of theater, film and television. Some are very famous often appear on television and film projects, others are in demand to a lesser extent, but this is no less loved by the people. That is why the Watch company “Glory " has launched a unique project of its kind. "Glory gallery", which was published with the participation of the famous actor, screenwriter and Director Ivan Ivanovich Okhlobystin, absorbed without exaggeration the people's love and recognition.The main goal Of the " gallery of Glory” is to celebrate the achievements of people, based solely on public opinion and independent statistics. Ivan Okhlobystin spoke about the project simply and succinctly: "The event is of great importance. For the first time, the actors of our great country are recognized, not only thanks to the decision of officials."In 2019, the winners of the project were Dmitry Nazarov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Mikhail Porechenkov and Oleg Menshikov. Awards for favorite artists were personifying the new time of Russia-an exclusive watch with its autograph on the dial and engraved portrait on the case, as well as a symbol of the project-a statuette of the Goddess of Glory.The new winner of the project "gallery of Glory" will be known at the beginning of the New Year. If you want to buy author's watches with autographs of your favorite artists, welcome to the project page.