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The award ceremony Dmitry Nazarov!

  • 17.01.2019
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There are many people who are very talented in their industry. For example, theater, film and television. Media person always flashes before your eyes. Many people in this area deserve recognition awards, which celebrated their contribution to the development of their favorite things. However, only a few get it. In the case of the project "hall of Fame", which was created in tandem of a famous actor, writer, and Director Ivan Okhlobystin and watch brand "Glory" there is an opportunity to honor well-deserved awards to those who have not received adequate attention from high society. In the course of this year, decided that 12 of the actors will be recognized for their contributions to the development of their difficult profession. One of the first who received the award for his work became the actor of theatre, film and television Dmitry Nazarov. In honor of this festive event, Dmitry Yuryevich received an exclusive watch with his autograph and a portrait on the cover wrist accessory and a symbol of the project "hall of Fame"- the statuette.

Note that the actors important mission will not end. There are still many athletes, artists and many other interesting personalities.


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