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The organizers of the contest "Watch for the President" want to give Putin watch

  • 23.10.2018
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The organizers of the design competition hours "Watch for the President" I hope to give President Vladimir Putin the winning work model gold case with portraits of seven leaders of Russia.

"Work will take at least a year. This is a very long process. Of course, we we are planning to transfer. We have a lot of hours, or otherwise transferred the President", — told RIA Novosti the author of the contest, the founder of the trading brand "Glory" Pavel Grankin.

The winning work is a model with a gold case with the portraits of seven the rulers of Russia — Vladimir Putin, Peter I, Joseph Stalin, Catherine The great, Ivan IV the terrible, Ivan III and Vladimir Svyatoslavich.

According to the authors, a watch must have a dual dial and every day, to display a portrait of one of the seven leaders.

According to the organisers of the competition, the production model can cost at least 300 thousand rubles and up to a year of work.

The second work, which stressed the organizers — waterproof watch stainless steel made in sea the subject of the third working — chronograph.

RIA Novosti

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