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Часовая продукция, которая производится потомственным часовщиком Александром Умняшовым, сочетает и воплощает в себе три страсти создателя бренда – часы, военную технику и дизайн. Umnyashov отличается консервативностью и многогранным функционалом. Сохраняя в себе старые традиции, модели выполняют функционал наравне с современными часами. Отличный механизм, качественные ремни и крепкий корпус позволяют пользоваться этим аксессуаром с большим удовольствием.

Clock products manufactured by a hereditary watchmaker Alexander Umnyashov. Great hour production combines and embodies the 3 passions of the Creator of the brand watches, military equipment and design. Hour products "Umnyashov" is characterized by its conservatism and multifaceted functionality. Preserving the old traditions, the watch takes functionality to a level with the modern clock. Great gear, quality straps and sturdy housing allow the use of this accessory with
a lot of fun.

In the heyday of the Soviet watch industry, Alexander Umnyashov worked at the First Moscow watch Factory "Poljot", where he studied and mastered all the subtleties of watchmaking. This knowledge become the basis for creating his own brand, concentrating the most valuable quality of Soviet watches: high quality and reliability of available/affordable price, and uncompromising recognizable design. In the watch design, the influence is even more remote from us of the formation of the Soviet era constructivism. At the same time, UMNYASHOV – brand a modern brand is a fusion of old and new, Russian and foreign, since it is hardly possible to present Soviet watch on American military aircraft, and Alexander, inspired by this theme, talking about his cosmopolitan perception of reality.

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