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Mantel clock

A piece of furniture that swept through the centuries. Classic style, expressiveness and elegance mantel clock will give your interior at home or work necessary conservatism. These watches are often purchased as a gift to the authorities that the present was always in sight and reminded about the respect for the man. This piece of furniture is now carried out in different buildings and colors, allowing you to choose the right and most suitable option for

Rhythm Rhythm  CRH201NR06
6 000 P
  • Japan,
  • quartz
Sinix Sinix  9004
19 600 P
  • Korea,
  • quartz
TB-002 W
5 800 P
  • Korea,
  • quartz

Mantel clocks first appeared in France in the mid 18th century. Gradually, this piece of furniture is interested in England and other European countries. In those days, mantel clock was very popular, and were mostly made of porcelain. The design of these watches was supplemented by angels, antique sculptures and objects that had the taste of their owner.