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Золотые наручные часы

Помимо обширного выбора российских и иностранных золотых часов нашем салоне представлен огромный выбор часов из серебра, отличающихся практичностью и значительно меньшей ценой.

Heirloom, expensive gift, a source of pride and envy, a sign of financial well-being and respectability - all this is hidden in the gold watch. If we look a little at history, the watch case of gold was made in the time of Elizabeth I, the Queen of England. It was a small golden watch with the image of Her Majesty carefully kept among other decorations. However, this is not the first watch of gold. If we consider the mechanical watch with gold, the very first models were made for city towers in the 13th century. These watches consisted of only one hand. The best image of such watches can be seen in the Duomo Cathedral in Florence.

There are lovers all over the world, both quartz watches and mechanical watches. The main difference between them is the mechanism. More precisely, what brings him to work. In mechanics, this is a special spring with teeth, which during winding, unwinding, activates the entire mechanism of the product.

In quartz models, power comes from the battery. Doing first in the entire electronic system, and then the electronic unit transmits a pulse to the engine with a frequency of 1 time per second, the arrows rotate. So the elegant female model of gold watch Platinor 44550 - 1.307, has the famous Swiss quartz movement Ronda. The first quartz mechanisms of this concern were made back in the 70s, although the year of foundation of the enterprise itself dates back to the distant 1946, when the head of the company chose a French name for its brand, which translates as rounded. The company did not immediately start to produce watches, for the beginning they produced models of scales used in production and a couple of parts by the clock. Now that the Swiss movement has become the hallmark of many designer jewelry houses and manufacturers of watches, we can proudly say that they hold the “made in Swiss” brand. This means that the mechanism was assembled in Switzerland, more than half of all parts from Switzerland, and also a control check was carried out in this country. In connection with the expansion of many industries and the relocation of assembly shops to Asian countries, there is also a Swiss Parts classification. In this case, the mechanism itself was developed in Switzerland, but the entire assembly is already being done in Asian countries. Also very competitive mechanisms.

The logical question is, what kind of watch is the most accurate mechanical or quartz watch? Certainly quartz, since it is they who have the least deviations in the course of the arrow. Think, deviations are only no more than 20 seconds a month, while the mechanics "limp" for 5-6 seconds every day.

But this does not mean that mechanical watches are not in demand. On the contrary, there are elite models that are presented with mechanical winding. For example, the male model Orion is gold 585 and an ETA mechanism. This brand of watch movements has become a leader and has given a start to the emergence of new models, such major brands as SWATCH and some premium Omega models.

Elegance, beauty and at the same time the simplicity of the lines - all this can be seen in the design of the gold watches, presented by TH “Slava”. The luxury, quality, wealth of textures and materials will not leave indifferent even the most demanding admirer of these products.

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