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Seiko is a popular brand in Japan in 1913 started to produce wristwatches. This company has developed the world's first quartz watch Seiko Astron (1969). And in 1988, masters Seiko introduced the quartz movement with automatic generation of Kinetic (one of the interpretations of "eternal" mechanism).

Seiko Seiko  SUR447P1S
30 360 P
  • quartz,
  • Stainless steel
57 080 P
64 140 P
46 260 P
52 860 P
59 920 P
48 640 P
54 260 P
55 700 P
47 240 P

Seiko Japanese watch company for more than hundred years of existence managed to release more than 100 million models of high-quality watches and "eternal" mechanism. Their electronic and mechanical timepieces is not just used by athletes at the competitions of different levels, including the Olympic games, as they are of high precision and convenience, through the use of quality materials.
The history of the brand began in 1881, when Kintaro Hattori decided to seriously approach the issue of manufacturing high-quality watches that have long served as its owner and it was an essential accessory. Seiko started its business from producing alarm clocks, pocket clocks, but over time, the company fully paid attention to the production of watches. Thus, the superiority of the manufacturer of unique and useful device. Now it is a world leader in the production of quartz watches and the Seiko movement is widely used in watches of famous brands (Tommy Hilfiger, Pierre Ricaud, Elesee).
A wide range of accessories from the Japanese brand consists of a model with a classic design and durable sports options that you can choose in "Slava". The global popularity of the two collections:

Kinetic watch with a unique technology that allows you to charge the battery by converting kinetic energy. It's a win-win for athletes and people with active lifestyle.

Solar watches with built-in solar battery is small, but its enough to not let them discharge over a long period of time.

Included with the watch is branded packaging, which gives the accessory of individuality and respectability, passport and 2 year warranty.