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Charm watches

Women's watch Charm is the embodiment of classic elegance. The incredible selection of models you will always be able to find a reliable Japanese quartz movements, graceful straps of leather or bracelets. All this, along with gilding and semi precious stones make these watches one of the leaders in sales among domestic brands. These watches will become an irreplaceable accessory which will always go perfectly with business or evening attire. The line pattern will allow You to choose the perfect watch for every day use.

Charm Charm  70250327
5 265 P
  • Russia,
  • quartz,
  • Steel

In every accessory under the brand name CHARM in each, there are classic game of stones on a gold case or iridescent mother-of-pearl dial, which never will seem the same. In the pursuit of the effect maximum ease hours designers model the body so that its lower part is buried in the wrist and the surface is extratone top. While this timepiece is a quartz movement, standard thickness that does not increase their cost. Every woman wants to be unique, so for shoppers hours CHARM it is important that all models produced a series of 300-600 copies, which will allow all women the fair sex never have to worry about the fact that a similar watch will appear on the hands of another.