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  • 22.08.2019
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With time and improvement of technology watches have become more complicated and new features. Some very specific, but no less interesting and useful. Some of these improvements can be called a chronograph and a tachymeter.

That is why the need for such mechanisms, and how to use them?

A chronograph serves for determination of periods of time, if you compare the mark the beginning and end of the desired intervals at intervals, the length of which is known.

Tachymetric scale located on the rim of hours and mostly found in chronographs. It is fixed and does not rotate. Usually its presence can be determined by applying the designation “Tachymeter” or “Tachymetre”and the label “60” diametrically opposed to 12 hours.

Тахиметрическая шкала

Thanks to mathematics, it is easy to calculate parameters, such as speed or distance. Enough to measure on the stopwatch length of time knowing, what is the distance in that time has covered the object, then dividing the distance by the time, we get the average speed in the appropriate units. There are watches with chronograph , which help to do the calculation and give the result immediately. As for the tachymeter to determine speed at the time. Do not confuse it with the tachometer, an instrument for measuring speed.

Use tachymeter in life

For example, with a tachymeter scale and chronograph shop supervisor or analyst on the production will be able to calculate the amount of output per hour. This measures the time it takes to manufacture a single product. Look at the seconds hand, it will show on the scale the desired result.

More practical application of the tachometer is to calculate vehicle speed.

The scale calculates a simple operation: 3600 / time in seconds. It is logical that if you drive one mile per minute, the speed will be 3600 / 60 = 60 km/h. Suppose you are driving on the highway at a speed of 180 km / hour, You will travel a kilometer in 45 C., Respectively, at the point of intersection kilometer mark of the second hand is opposite the reference mark "120" on the tachymeter. This will be your speed.

To make the measurements as accurate as possible, you should consider two factors:

  1. Speed should be constant and not less than 60km/h.
  2. The time of one processing operation or any action of your choice should be more than 60 seconds.

What do the cyclists, the pedestrians, the speed of which is much smaller value? If necessary, accurate calculations, it is wise to purchase watches with a second time scale, which is designed for lovers of a healthy lifestyle. The principle of operation is that the scale begins to function after the passing of the second or third circle of the second hand.

If you need the tachymetre in a wrist watch?

Yes, though not all. For most buyers it is likely to be superfluous. Famous brands by default, add it to your watch with the chronometer, because of the additional tachymeter scale increase the functional and aesthetic value of the product. It is worth noting that, though many owners will not use the tachymeter never in my life, the realization of this function in hours increases their attractiveness in their eyes. Again, the image and the style has not been canceled. How much more are men's wrist watches, equipped with this mechanism, it is difficult to say, because usually the cost is still influenced by other features, design elements, the brand value, so a comparison is difficult. The choice, as they say, is yours.

Watches with tachymeter

Among domestic brands, you can highlight the model with a tachymeter scale collector's series "special Forces". Austere architectural design, reliable mechanism Miyota OS11 small price, it compares favorably with imported analogues, makes this quartz watch is a stylish and functional gift (image is clickable).

Наручные часы с тахиметром

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