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How to choose a watch glass

  • 03.09.2019
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Despite the countless variety of models, types of glasses for them, not so much. To make it easier to make the right choice, compare their principal, description, and characteristics.

Types of glass for a wristwatch


Its other name is organic or plexiglass. The most budget and most popular option, used mainly in inexpensive models.


  • easy to bend and shape;
  • small weight;
  • the combination of high strength and low brittleness;
  • low price.

Plexiglass, though cheap, but far from ideal, unfortunately, because prone to scratches and fading. From minor contact with abrasive or just more solid object, for example, keys, buttons,and even clothes, for example, organic glass can be "overwritten" by casual contact. Besides, it does not withstand much pressure. But to break it really difficult due to the fibrous structure.


Mineral glass is of two types: quartz (”artificial crystal”) and a silicate, depending on the raw material, which is in the process of melting added metal oxides. Heated glass mass give the required shape with a gradual cooling.

“Mineral water” has a reference response in terms of price, weight, durability and strength, therefore, is the most popular among watch manufacturers and buyers. No wonder more than 70% of these timepieces comes with these glasses.

Scratched his clothes, unlike plastic, you can not be afraid. But unfortunately, when struck with a sharp object, the glass may break or be covered with cracks. It is not recommended to use this product in dusty places and a number of chemicals, since its surface can darken. Fortunately, the mineral material lends itself to grinding and polishing.


Based on sapphire glass lies a single crystal aluminum. It is artificially grown crystals of aluminum oxide, with natural precious stones sapphires, which are used in the manufacture of jewelry they have belonging to the chemical formula Al2O3.

Sapphire glass is much more expensive in the production, processing, but scratch the material, the hardness of which is higher, for example, diamond. In a domestic environment it seems almost unreal. That is sapphire glass used in the most expensive and exclusive watches that can be transmitted from generation to generation without a single scratch on it.


There are combined options. For example , mineral glass with sapphire coating, where the inner layer consists of a mineral, a thin outer sapphire crystal. Manufactured by this technology, it is significantly more resistant to scratches than just a mineral, and is almost the same.In addition to the deposition on sapphire watch glasses can be applied anti-reflective coating, similar is applied to the lenses of the glasses.

What is watch glass to choose?

It is advisable to determine the budget for future purchases and the appointment of future hours. It will diminish the choice that will allow you to make a better decision, the price of the product has a rather large dependence on class hours.

Plastic glasses will be appropriate for hours every day, or, for example, the child, as coupled with the housing made of plastic have low weight and price.

Mineral already suitable for different tasks, for ordinary consumers, especially because in case of need it can bring back the transparency by polishing. Or a good choice would be glass with a coating.

Sapphire - without compromise. If you need a watch “forever” and there is no limit on the cost, it's the best option!

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