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Exclusive watch

  • 06.06.2019

Exclusive watch

Watch Glory TV.

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One of the latest innovations from the watch brand "Glory". A remake of the popular models of the seventies of the last century is ready to please every connoisseur of the watch world. Modern solid metal bracelet, mineral glass with sapphire coating and high-quality and made in Russia the mechanism SLAVA 2427! For half a century the progress in the watch industry has leaped forward. And watch the Glory TV is a great demonstration of modern materials and technologies in fashion the end of the 20th century.

Watch Special Forces "Alpha Team".

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The spetsnaz "alpha team" is the first watch in the history of Russian watchmaking with integrity 1000 meters! Genuine Russian diver's watch, with a built-in helium valve! High alloy housing made of 316 steel, with high precision and durable glass with the thickness of almost 5 mm!

Watch special Forces "frogmen".

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Frogmen - the perfect gift this man! The incredible brutality and exquisite design. Elite support for all collector watches from the brand "special Forces" - a special brand sealed the box with a gift set from the legendary brand!

Watch the Glory in the project "hall of Fame".

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The project "Gallery of Fame" is a unique platform to honor their idols. In the arts, sports, theatre, cinema, government, medicine, education and production there are many people who deserve recognition for the enormous contribution they make in their activities. In 2019, has released the exclusive watch with portraits of actors-winners gallery! Dmitry Nazarov, Dmitry Nagiev! Soon to join them Oleg Menshikov and Mikhail Porechenkov! Nominal hours with portraits and autographs of the Russian actors already on our portal!

Watch Special Forces "SMERSH".

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Collection released to celebrate the date of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Russian counter-intelligence! Watches created for use for both wrist and pocket wear. Model number one is the Supreme Commander - President of the Russian Federation! Model SMERSH is a tribute to the Military counter-Intelligence officers for their contribution to the Victory!

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