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Payment and shipping

You choosed the watch and want to buy them?

Step 1. Make a reservation on our website

For details, see "How to buy a watch".

Step 2. Payment

You can pay for your order:

  • in cash when the courier will bring You hours;
  • Bank transfer to the account details of our company, but it may take a few banking days;
  • with the help of the payment system Yandex.The money (payment instructions)
  • sending cash on delivery is carried out only in the absence of other options (detailed article about the reasons)

Step 3. Shipping

There are several options of delivery:

    1. If You live in Moscow or Saint Petersburg:

  • order delivered by courier within 2-3 days after ordering or after payment by Bank transfer;
  • You can pick up hours in any of the stores of our retail network, if it suits You (for details, see "Our trade network").

    2. If You live in other cities of Russia, delivery is performed:

  • Express mail "EMS Mail of Russia"
  • Russian Post

Attention! If you paid for the watch by Bank transfer, the order will be sent to you only after the money arrives to the account of the company.