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"A" group | Cooperation for result

The watches Group "A" of trade mark "Spetsnaz" are the result of the cooperation of the company Trade House "Slava" and the famous special forces of the FSB of Russia.


"Group "A" or "alpha" is, perhaps, the most famous special forces in the world. On many of his operations, written books, many we may never know. Therefore, the proposal to make the watch for the soldiers of this Department in Trade House "Slava" was perceived both as a huge honor, and as a serious challenge.

Few people know that due to the nature, difficulty and responsibility of jobs a significant part of the equipment of the soldiers of these units pick up. How comfortable in the hand of a specific person weapons or ammunition customized depend on split second reactions, and these moments are extremely expensive. Therefore, in addition to the regular weapon, shapes etc, special forces always uses a lot of their own fittings. The current fighters of "alpha" in the veterans division, which many years ago formed the public organization "group A". Its representatives Lieutenant Colonel Oleksiy Filatov and major Gennady Sokolov and initiated the creation of the special "Group "A" watches.


From the outset it was not about pretentious accessory and effective tool, maximum suitable fighters "alpha". Therefore, the work started even with the design and analysis of requirements to the device. Now the participants recall the beginning of the story with a smile. When the soldiers invited to imagine a list that would be nice to include in the watch, they proposed fishing line to strangle the opponent, antenna for satellite phone, laser pointer and more. It quickly became clear that the stories about James bond look good only in Hollywood movies: a device that would include all the claimed elements would not fit on the wrist. The analysis of the real situations showed a completely different set of requirements.

Firstly, the watch must be large enough for good readability, but not too large to not interfere on the hand. The second requirement – low weight – determined the choice of titanium as a case material. The water resistance was "sufficient, but not extraordinary," and eventually settled on the 100 meters. Why not more? Higher rates would require increasing the size of the case, and dive into the forbidden depths of the operations had never. Emphasized the lack of giveaways, so watch got the black case and the same dial, anti-reflective glass and the absence of any bright elements that are so fond of macho. But the proposal watchmakers to make hands and index larger that the watch looked nicer, the officers said, "nice is not for us, we have functional". Blind in the unit is not to consider the dial from a distance no one is going, but too much glowing elements in our work superfluous. Of course, critical to military watches is their resistance to shocks.


Several prototypes were subjected to a detailed discussion among the soldiers and hard testing training and exercises. Following the modifications in July of 2006, in celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the "alpha" first watch the veterans presented it to the commander - major-General Vladimir Vinokurov. Since then, every officer who comes to serve in the "alpha", gets its own numbered watch.

So the model "Group And" became part of the officially-unofficial equipment of the commandos. Created for the military, it is popular among ordinary buyers. In addition to the characteristics they are attracted to and interesting equipment. With the clock supplied three types of straps (rubber, fabric and a titanium bracelet), tool for quick replacement, the officer's badge and a certificate "of Group "A". Many are attracted by the special design of the model, which includes a removable metal protection grille.


Last year the theme of military watches were developed. TH "Slava" together with the officers announced an open competition to design a new version of the model. The jury included representatives of the watch company, the men of "alpha" and twice hero of the USSR cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov. It turned out that in Russia, a surprising number of people passionate about design and able to create interesting projects in a tactical style. Their work were sent more than 80 people, among them there were allocated 3 winner. The main prize was 100 000 roubles, other participants received special diplomas. Based on the winner's design was developed by the new appearance models "Group "A" which now runs in production.

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For the Group "alpha" the most important is the precise execution of combat missions, as the scouts say, "result." Similarly the TH "Slava" also working for result. The result of cooperation between special forces officers and watchmakers are titanium watch "group A" is one of the most popular models of the company.

Source: Magazine Time Business  3(95)/2016