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Zaritron watches

Watch from the ZARITRON brand first appeared in the last decade of the last century. During this time, the brand has managed to firmly mark its position in the Russian market and to provide full confidence to buyers of its products in its reliability. Watch brands are distinguished by their functionality and budget valuable enough. Some series of watches ZARITRON are made of stainless steel. If you purchase wristwatches and alarm clocks of this company, no need to worry that products will be ruined. The watch will last You a long time and never cause to regret the purchase. 

Over 12 years of active development SP mark "Zaritron" has earned the trust and popularity among consumers, but in the early 21st century because of Russian economic collapse, the joint venture ceased to exist and the production of watches under the brand name "Zaritron" was suspended. The revival of the legendary brand began in 2007 after incorporation "the Penza watch factory", in which the new owner of the brand was the Group of companies "CHASPROM". The new owner has continued the tradition of the brand, founded in Soviet times, while not forgetting about the modern market trends. All products manufactured under the brand "Zaritron" meets the Standards adopted in the USSR.


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