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Russian Time (Русское Время) watches

"Russian time 1930" - Russian brand of classic watches, continuing the tradition of the First Moscow watch factory "Poljot". This is a quartz and mechanical watch, featuring an understated design, simple and elegant body lines, classic design of the dial.

Russian time Russian time  5709604
10 374 P
  • Russia,
  • Mechanical self-winding,
  • Steel
Russian time Russian time  13179321
3 419 P
  • Russia,
  • quartz,
  • Steel
Russian time Russian time  5700311ПР
18 200 P
  • Russia,
  • mechanical,
  • Steel

"Russian time 1930" — this is a Russian watch brand, which continues the glorious traditions of the First Moscow watch factory for many years and produces elegant models following their rules and regulations. Therefore, despite the fact that every day the market is filled with new brands and accessories, domestic manufacturer continues to compete with both Russian and foreign brands.
Individual feature of these watches is a classic style that will never go out of fashion. However, ideas about the classics is constantly changing so each year the manufacturer expanded the range of accessories to keep up with the times. The "Glory" you can find watches with a massive dial and options stainless steel housing for a more refined look. The first will be respectable and manly look on the man's hand and emphasize the status of the owner, the second is more suited to women who appreciate accessories grace and elegance.
In addition to the stylish design, it is worth noting a high-quality materials from which made the housing and bracelet strap, as well as time-tested mechanism which can vary depending on model "Flight", "Ronda", "ETA", "Seiko", "Miyota". It is quartz, mechanical, skeleton can have the winding.
Thus, the domestic brand allows the Russian audience not to chase expensive watches, foreign production, and try to touch the legend, becoming the owner of high-quality watches "Russian time 1930" at a low price