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+7 495 374-76-48
+7 800 500-76-48
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Together with Chaskomplekt company, we are offering to everyone wishing to set a clock on the cottage or the front of the building to purchase sets for mounting clocks of any design.

Unlike other companies, we are not offering you installation services but rather offering a mounting set. You can set up the mechanism, cut out and draw a clock face, set up hands and add lighting all on your own without overpaying for service calls and adapting standard constructions. 

We offer an open price-list, a choice of hands, outstanding characteristics, the warranty for factory defects is 1 year. 

Set product item Hand shape Hand size (mm) Set cost (roubles)
Under 1.5 m (one-sided)
TTF-B/XB-12/HM-1 set straight 520*67; 385*70 54 200
TTF-B/XB-12/HM-2 set ornately shaped 548*45; 435*45 54 200
TTF-B/XB-12/HM-3 set laced 525*76; 420*116 59 600
Under 1.5 m (double-sided)
TTF-B/SM-1/HM-1 set straight 520*67; 385*70 75 500
TTF-B/SM-1/HM-2 set ornately shaped 548*45; 435*45 75 500
TTF-B/SM-1/HM-3 set laced 525*76; 420*116 83 900
Under 3m (one-sided)
TTF-06/TZ-3/HM4 set laced  1650*230;  1350*210 215 650
TTF-06/TZ-3/HM5 set straight 1885*232;  1466*220 198 200

The standard set includes the following:

Мощный шаговый механизм
Блок управления с пультом для башенного часового механизма
Remote control block
Стрелки для башенных часов
A set of hands

Hand options for street clocks



CityNameAddressPhoneWorking time
Moscow Russian Watches Leningradskij prospect 10 +7-495-374-76-48 # 250 10-00 to 22-00
Moscow Golden Watches Leningradskij prospect 10 +7-495-374-76-48 # 251
10-00 to 22-00
Moscow Russian Watches Planernaya, 7, Planernaya transport hub +7-495-374-76-48 # 252
10-00 to 22-00
Moscow Russian Watches Bagrationovskij proezd, 5, Fillion Shopping Mall +7-495-374-76-48 # 256
10-00 to 22-00 
Saint-Petersburg Russian Watches Kammennoostrovsky prospect, 17 +7-800-500-76-48 # 301 10-00 to 21-00
Saint-Petersburg Russian Watches Gorohovaya street, 34 +7-800-500-76-48 # 304 10-00 to 21-00
Irkutsk Russian Watches (partner) Litvinova, 2 +7-395-248-82-62 10-00 to 20-00
The information contained on this website does not constitute an public offer. Seller reserves the right to update and change information at any time without prior notice.

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