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Today "Minsk watch plant" produces mechanical and quartz watches with their Soviet mechanisms and the Japanese mechanism Miyota and several Swiss.

The history of watches "Luch" has its origins in 1953 with the Foundation in Belarus "Minsk watch plant". The plant was designed with a focus on the production of a wide range of hours, and already with the release of the first collection in 1956 the watches of the brand "Ray" were in high demand. By the way, in addition to the Beam, on the same plant produced no less famous "dawn" and "Vympel".Mechanical watches "Luch" have high precision movement on 15 ruby jewels with shockproof device axis of balance. Duration of a course of hours from the full winding of the spring is not less than 38 hours, accuracy -40 85 sec./day. 

Quartz watches "Luch" with a Japanese Miyota mechanism and Central second hand. Withstand repeated shocks with acceleration of 150 m/s for the duration of beats from 2 to 15 MS.
The duration of continuous operation of 12 months.
The range of men's quartz watches, are the models with functions of calendar, days of the week and time of day.


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