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The Glory not only offers a wide choice of interior clocks but also allows the customers themselves to be the creative talent to create functional works of art!

In all outlets of the company you will find proven quartz clockwork Grand Time on the basis of which you can create your original clock. TD Slava is the exclusive retail distributor of this brand in Russia.

Wholesale buyers can directly contact the company Chaskomplekt -

The main advantages of clockworks Grand Time:

  • washer, nut and hanging loop included
  • 1 year warranty
  • economical consumption of battery
  • high precision
  • quiet "ticking" mechanisms and mechanisms noiseless smooth running
  • the existence of different options including reverse, and 24-hour indication for the original ideas!
Схема часового механизма с подвесной петлей Схема минутника и резьбовой части часового механизма

Standard size mechanisms: 56*56*16 mm

In the diagram: A - height "minutia" - the length of the projection of the axis of the pinion for the hand setting. In the height of the threaded part.

You have the following options ratios of minutia and threaded parts:

  • 12/6 mm
  • 16.5 cm/9 mm - MPH; 16/9 mm - YFC.
  • 18/12 mm
  • 22/18
Short suitable for thin dials, while the longest can be installed in products of a large thickness or complicated shape.
Схема сборки часов


How to choose the correct length of minutia (stock)

The total length of minutia (A) (mm) The height of the threaded part (B) (mm) Maximum dial thickness (mm) Max. the thickness of the dial using the nut with flange (mm)
12,5 6,0 3 7,5
16 9,0 6,0 10,5
18 11,5 8,5 13


smooth ride

12 9,0 13,5
22 16,5 13,5 18


smooth ride

18 15 19,5


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