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AA Wooden Watches are original men's and women's wrist quartz watches made from precious wood. These unusual watches are made in Russia and are an example of style in the conservative accessory market. This watch will be a wonderful gift, a complement to your image. Two identical specimens do not happen - every clock is individual from nature.

Октагон Дата (Палисандр)
16 900 P
  • Russia
1 490 P
  • Russia
Меркьюри 38(Палисандр)
8 900 P
  • Russia
BS-84103 Либерти Орех
7 900 P
  • Russia,
  • quartz

In addition to a reliable Japanese mechanisms in these watches wooden almost all cases, bracelets, dials and packaging. These unique watches made of different precious wood under the English brand AA Wooden Watches and impeccable views of the international brand, actually made in Russia. Surface treated with wax and are not afraid of moisture. Warranty - 12 months.



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