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How to buy watches in the online shop

Welcome to our watch online shop!

Our online store for more than 6 years. During this time we managed to win the trust of our customers worldwide! Many buyers become our regular clients and have a special system of discounts. We are the only watch manufacturer Thank, special Forces, Petroff, Power and alpha. As well as the official distributor of almost all Russian manufacturers and imported brands. Our retail network includes 4 hour salon in Moscow and 2 time salon in St. Petersburg. Here You will find only original products from trusted official suppliers with full warranty and documentation.

We take a responsible attitude to each order, especially to orders from Russia. We understand the anxiety and distrust of buyers to the numerous online shops that have appeared in recent years on the market. Therefore, our website contains details of our company, the addresses of our retail stores, Central office and office online store. All the hours published on our website are in stock at the Central warehouse or in retail stores. After ordering on the website through the shopping cart, we will send change of status of your order, so you always know what is happening with the order, and after sending the order by mail or courier service, we send the number of the post ID, so you can follow the progress of the order. If you do not receive our emails, please check your Spam folder.

If you already know which watch you want to purchase your services - search, selection and categories, and if you do not know what to choose, read our articles or contact our consultants to choose the perfect option!

How to order?

  • Through the shopping cart on the website. In this way it is better to place orders if you need shipping. Click the Buy button to put the selected product in the basket. Go to cart and fill in all required fields. In the block Register, use a valid e-mail address (will receive notifications about the order status change link on the payment and mail ID), create a password and enter it in the Password and Confirm password. In the account Information select first your country (the default of the Russian Federation), then fill in the Phone field, the Name and Surname, delivery Address, City and zip code. In the unit delivery Information, select the desired shipping method available shipping methods can be found below. In the payment Method select the payment method from the available payment methods can be found below. In the Review the buyer, you can specify additional information such as additional phone or time period of delivery. Check out all of the information and if everything is correct, click Confirm order. To the specified e-mail address will receive a copy of the order. After we receive your order we check the availability of goods in the warehouse or in the store and change the status of your order, you receive a notification. Usually we process the order 30-60 minutes, so not to worry if you called or wrote five minutes after ordering. As soon as we process your order, the operator will contact you and, if necessary, to clarify the delivery details or payment.
  • A quick order. If you want to leave the reserve or to have the watch independently of our stores, you can Buy in 1 click. Choose the desired item and click Buy in 1 click, a form opens with the fields: Name and Surname, E-mail and Telephone. Complete these fields and press the Buy button. We receive your order and begin processing.
  • To make a phone call. If you doubt the choice of clock or do not know how to choose the method of delivery or payment, you can call on these phones daily from 10 to 22 hours. We will advise you and if necessary, help place your order.
  • Send to our mail the information that You would like to order. Do not forget to specify the hours article, shipping address, shipping method and payment as well as contact phone number. Our operators will answer you during working hours.
  • Write an online consultant. To write online counselor just click on the red bar that says Email us we are online!, which is located to the right on every page of the website. Sometimes he asks if you need help.

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